Power Pack - V6 & Volcano 1.75mm Bowden (24v)

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  • PP-V6-Volcano-175mm-Bowden-24v
All the plastic squirting goodness you could possibly need! This melange of modular machined... mehr
Produktinformationen "Power Pack - V6 & Volcano 1.75mm Bowden (24v)"

All the plastic squirting goodness you could possibly need!

This melange of modular machined hotend goodness provides you with the ability to print the tiniest details with the high resolution 0.25mm nozzle all the way up to the incredible throughput of a 1.2mm volcano nozzle for ultimate speed and strength. This pack provides you with the most flexibility and ability to print using the widest range of configurations.

This pack combines both the proven E3D-v6 hotend, complete with a full range of nozzles. In addition the Volcano upgrade pack is included and also has a full range of nozzles included. Two thermistors and two heater cartridges - one for each heater block means no fiddly thermistor reinsertion is required to change from the standard E3D-v6 to the Volcano setup. We've even included a nozzle spanner for fast and easy change over.

The 1.75mm Universal powerpack is suitable for both Direct Drive and Bowden systems: comes with the PTFE tubing & threaded coupling, to be used as required.

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