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Zortrax Z-ESD Filament Schwarz 0,8kg 1,75mm

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Z-ESD Filament Schwarz Farbe: Black Material: ESD Menge: 0,8 kg Druchmesser: 1,75mm... mehr
Produktinformationen "Zortrax Z-ESD Filament Schwarz 0,8kg 1,75mm"

Z-ESD Filament Schwarz

Farbe: Black
Material: ESD
Menge: 0,8 kg
Druchmesser: 1,75mm
Passend für: Zortrax M200

For the first time in Zortrax offer we introduce Z-ESD, the new industrial grade material with electrostatic protection. From now on you can choose one that fits the major business needs.

Full Electrostatic Protection.
Electrostatic discharge is a common problem among industries that deal with electronic elements. Z-ESD provides electrostatic protection thanks to maintaining volume resistivity in a wide range from 104 to 109 ohm. It allows you to eliminate the electrostatic discharge and significantly reduce the loss of components on the production line, generate savings and boost satisfaction of your clients.
Go Big without Shrink.
The uniqueness of the Z-ESD material includes almost no shrinkage. Having this property you can be sure that even the largest models will be protected against warping and represent the highest dimensional accuracy.
Broad Chemical Resistance.
Z-ESD shows superior resistance to acids, salts and alkalis – substances commonly used in most industries. Make no compromise and be sure your prototypes stay unaffected by chemicals and test them freely in adverse environments.
Layer thickness:  0,09 - 0,19 mm
electrostatic protection: yes
volume resistivity (Rv): 104 ohm < Rv < 109 ohm
shrinkage: low
resistant to: salts, acids, alkalis
available color: black
Available for:

Zortrax M200, M300

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