Wanhao D6 / D6 Plus Kit

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Upgrade Kit For Wanhao D6 and D6 Plus This extruder upgrade kit for the Wanhao Duplicator... mehr
Produktinformationen "Wanhao D6 / D6 Plus Kit"

Upgrade Kit For Wanhao D6 and D6 Plus

This extruder upgrade kit for the Wanhao Duplicator 6/Duplicator6 Plus/Monoprice duplicator 6 will replace the original feeder.

Includes the BMG Extruder

It allows for a more reliable printing with all sorts of filaments, both stiff and flexibles and the DualDrive system ensures that the extruder never looses grip of the filament so grinding, slipping is a thing of the past.
The original motor are used and the PTFE feed tube is held securely in place with an industrial 4 mm Push-fit connector for reliability.

Easy And Fast To Install

Installs in about half an hour with standard tools available.

E-Steps Update Required

E-steps needs to be updated to 415 and to avoid that the printhead collides with the rear frame the max movement needs to be reduced to 190 mm in the Y-direction. A new firmware is available for download with the necessary changes implemented.

Troubleshooting And Installation

On some printers the printhead has trouble reaching the Y-homing endstop before the front of the extruder collides with the frame, in order to solve this an o-ring is included that slides over the x-shaft that makes the endstop to be activated earlier, instructions of how to do this is available under the “STEP BY STEP GUIDES” tab.
Full installation video guide available at the tab STEP BY STEP GUIDES.

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